I have worked in the fashion and beauty industry for over a decade and have been commissioned by a number of fashion brands and clients. My first job was for Vogue Turkey painting perfume bottles and Prada shoes and my second was for Bloomingdales

After that I was commissioned by Dove and a nice commission from Tatler soon followed. Since then the work has flowed and I have had the pleasure of working with many individual and big name brands, publications and clients  Vogue Japan,  Icon, The Stylist, Chanel, Penguin Random House.  

My illustrations are about line work and capturing the essence of a person, animal or object. I love to draw and paint the female form and take huge pleasure and inspiration from fashion shoots and the iconic covers of Vogue. My signature style is loose watercolours and inky black lines but since moving towards creating art on my ipad, my work has taken on a bolder more graphic style with bright colours and a collaged approach more akin to Matisse cutouts. 


I am represented by Lipstick of London