Since setting up as a fashion illustrator in 2010 Francesca has worked with a huge range of clients in the Fashion and Beauty industry. Her first two jobs were producing fashion illustrations for VOGUE TURKEY, and BLOOMINGDALES NEW YORK. Since then the work and clients poured in and she has worked for fashion editorials and brands alike  


What Francesca says about her work: "My illustrations are soft and feminine, for me its about capturing the line and essence of a woman, person or object with as little effort as possible." She works mainly in watercolour and black drawing ink. Francesca's work sits between sensitive and delicate portraiture to her newer bolder more colourful STREET STYLE SERIES -The body of work she produced for Emerald Street over the years reflecting the fun and bright nature of street style fashion 

Based in Glasgow, Scotland she lives with her husband and 2 children. She studied Fine Art Drawing and Painting at The Glasgow School of Art, and after graduating she went on to study fashion design manufacture and pattern cutting where she discovered her love of fashion illustration. She works with private clients on their own brands and projects selling her work privately and internationally. She has held the role of inhouse illustrator for EMERALD STREET for the past 8 years. 

Represented by Lipstick of London

To get in touch please contact me [email protected]